About us

West-Side Persians

show quality Persians, doll faced Persians, Himalayans and exotics

located in West Side Frayser, Tennessee

We are a small, in-home, cattery that has been raising Persians off and on for over 25 years. We are proud to offer some of the most beautiful and adorable Persians and Himalayans you will see.

Our kittens come from a long line of pedigreed registered Persians but do not come with papers. Though some are show quality, they are all sold as pets, and not for show or breeding. This is because we don’t want to see our kittens go to someone who wants to give them anything other than a perfect home, which asks nothing but companionship from them. We do not want them to have to endure the required constant grooming and confinement for showing or the risks of giving birth and raising kittens.

Kitten Care

Doll-faced Persians are an older type of Persian with more prominent noses that were bred over time for shorter and shorter noses to be the extreme flat faced modern Persians we see today. Although the extreme faced Persians are beautiful, doll-faced do not have the problems of eye tearing, face staining, daily grooming needs, or tendency towards respiratory problems found in the extreme face. Their hair is not as long and therefore they need less grooming, shed less, and tend not to get matted fur, depending on the length, of course, and some people just prefer the way they look.

We require that you sign an agreement to spay or neuter your kitten at an appropriate age because this is best for the cat in terms of health benefits. We also believe spaying and neutering before 12 weeks is too young.

We usually sell our kittens at 12 weeks but will sometimes let them go at 10 weeks if the kitten is ready and it would be going to a genuine “cat people” home where someone will be home all day. You should know that these kittens have been raised underfoot, and in an environment that is optimal for them, meaning, they have not been around dogs, children, or large families.

We value our kittens as individuals and are very interested in finding the very best of homes for them, which includes living indoors in a calm environment where they will get love and attention, and will not spend all day alone. We live a quiet life and have not prepared our kittens for noisy, chaotic environments, so not just anyone can buy them and expect them to quickly adjust. Our kittens are not used to children or dogs, so keep that in mind.

We also do not approve of the kitten being left for long periods of time until they are about 6 months old. Our kittens are, of course, used to other cats and would prefer to be with another cat of a similar age. Leaving a kitten by itself is cruel and upsetting to the kitten though they are of course used to other cats and would prefer to be with another cat of a similar age. Two kittens alone is fine, but not just one.

We prefer to sell our cats to people who have owned cats in the past and have knowledge of their care and behavior.

We do not approve of buying kittens for children under the age of 6, depending on the child, and with the complete commitment of an adult.

Health Guarantee

We guarantee our kittens to be healthy and disease free. We also agree, unlike most, we will take the kitten back within 5 days of sale if you are unsatisfied for any reason, with a full refund. We guarantee the health of these kittens at the time of purchase, their continued health and adjustment is up to you. Although after 5 days we will no longer be able to offer a refund, if for any reason, at any time you find you will be unable to keep your kitten we will take it back to ensure it stays in a proper home.

Kittens will have had their first vaccinations for; rhinotracheitis, panleukopenia, calicivirus. Our kittens come from a long line of pedigree Persians that are PKD/FeLuk negative. They do NOT have worms, ear mites, or any other diseases, genetic or otherwise.