Available Kittens

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“charles” Blue Point Himalayan Male


Charles is a regal little boy with a calm demeanor, very sweet and playful. He has the short round coby body of a show quality persian which makes him absolutely handsome and adorable at the same time. He is a very pale blue point himalayan, but his points will darken somewhat with age. We thought for weeks that he was going to be solid white. He will have the full persian coat with very long hair all over and gorgeous blue eyes. He is intelligent and observant. Someone will be lucky to have him as a close, loyal companion.

“Mr. vartabedian” Blue point himalayan Male


Mr. Vardebean is a pale blue point himalayan male, with a spunky little boy personality with a flat face. He is very people oriented and is a little bit of a bully to other kittens. He plays rough with the kittens but he is very used to being held and getting a lot of attention. He is my favorite. I think he is the cutest one.

“red” cameo Male


Red is the biggest kitten from the litter. HIs color is considered cameo or cream colored (a dilute form of red) and he is “doll-faced”. He is easygoing, very playful and independent, but purrs as soon as you pet him. He loves people and is not overly dependent or demanding of attention. His eyes will be bright gold and he will be a beautiful cat and make a wonderful pet with his easy going personality and striking looks. 

“Marley” blue and white doll-faced Female


Marley is a very sweet, calm and playful little girl with a soft blue and white coat. She would be considered “doll faced”. She loves to be with people but also is a little explorer and was the first kitten to want to explore the house. She has a wonderful personality and will make someone a sweet, affectionate, and beautiful cat. Her eyes are turning gold. She likes to explore, but always comes back for attention.

“Brownie” chocolate point HIMALAYAN Male


Brownie is a smaller than usual little boy with a big personality. He is very demanding, and vocal and does not hesitate to ask you for what he wants, whether it is to be held or to be fed. He  knows he is special and is what I would call “high maintenance “ in that he will not tolerate being ignored or alone. He has a beautiful very long brown coat and blue eyes that grab your attention. He is small in size and an extra cute show quality elf-like kitten. He will follow you everywhere and want to be with you at all times.

If you are interested in one of our kittens, please text: (504) 450-7762 or find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/westsidepersians We ask you to fill out an application here with your information.