Available Kittens


Pinky (SOLD)

Orange and white Persian male

This is Pinky, an extreme face male Persian who will have gold eyes. He is light orange and white and loves to purr and be petted. He is a special little boy because he is so cute and has a loving personality. He is very playful and, like the other kittens in the litter, he wants to stay around people. He is a little more independent than Whitey, and likes to explore on his own, and then return for affection. He is an adorable and kitten will make a beautiful and loving pet for the right home.



Whitey (SOLD)

Extreme dilute calico Persian female

This is “Whitey”, she is white, but more accurately, “ White Sugar and Spice”. She is a beautiful show quality Persian with a very unique color. At first glance she is looks like white cotton, but if you look more closely you can see she is an extremely dilute calico. She has very pale spots of lilac and peach on some parts of her body, especially on her ears and tail,  and her huge eyes will be blue. She looks like a greeting card she is so perfect. She has been raised to want to be with people all the time and besides being a true beauty, she has a wonderful personality. She is active, playful, smart, and friendly. You will probably not see a kitten this color again. She must go to a home that will treat her as much like a princess as she deserves.


Faye (SOLD)

Female Doll-Faced Seal-Point Himalayan


Rupert (SOLD)

Male Doll-Faced Seal-Point Himalayan



Male Doll-Faced Black and Silver Tabby


Leopold (SOLD)

Female Doll-Faced Seal-Point Himalayan


Jimmy (SOLD)

Male Doll-Faced Seal-Point Himalayan


Mary-Grace (SOLD)

Female Doll-Faced Tabby Himalayan


Jeffery (SOLD)

Female Doll-Faced Seal-Point Himalayan


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