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If you are interested in one of our kittens, please text we ask you to fill out an application here with your information.

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Winter 2022 Pick-up in Memphis only!!!!!!!

Whitey (SOLD)

Born January 5th

Whitey is an absolutely  gorgeous very pale bluepoint Himalayan baby boy. He is very big for his age, and will be a big beautiful boy. He has very long hair, pale blue eyes and a wonderful  people oriented personality, he is loving and sweet but plays wildly. His quality approaches show quality, but we want him to be someone’s special  baby. He is so sweet, cute and beautiful we hate to part with him. We are taking deposits now. He will be ready at the end of March.

Red (SOLD)

Born November 26, 2021

Red is pale-red, or cameo, male kitten. He is a gorgeous high quality Persian with very long hair and a very flat face. He has lots and lots of personality, very playful, affectionate, and he “talks” a lot. He “comments” on everything even when he is playing. He is very big for his age, the biggest in the litter and will be a really big beautiful cat who will require lots of maintenance to his coat. His eyes will be gold. Breeder quality, just short of show quality. This kitten is very special in looks and personality. He has gotten lots of love, and looks you in the eyes.

Sparky (SOLD)

Born November 26, 2021

Sparky is a playful little boy with unusual markings. He is Himalayan with white, beige, and dark brown points and he  has a very dark “mask” around his blue/green eyes giving him a very cute “panda” like look. He is long-haired requiring maintenance. Beautiful, very  loving, and sweet.

Tiny Girl (SOLD)

Born November 26, 2021

Tiny Girl is a blue point Himalayan, blue-eyed, flat faced, very small for her age and compared to the other kittens, she is the smallest. Much smaller than average for her age. She is very flat-faced with blue eyes, and very short legs. She is absolutely adorable. Even though she is so tiny, she has an independent and feisty personality, and is wildly playful. She has an aloof cat “attitude”  and her personality is so funny in a tiny little girl. We love her.

Bobby (SOLD)

Born November 26, 2021

Bobby is white and grey-beige Himalayan with dark ears, tail, with white and has  blue/green eyes and a long, beautiful coat. He loves people, has lots of personality and will make a great pet. (high maintenance fur)

Matt Merlis $1500 (Pending)

Born November 26, 2021

Matt Merlis is the sweetest little boy you can imagine. He is a Himalayan mostly white, but has small points of gray. He will have blue/green eyes, he loves people absolutely adorable and so sweet. One of the “quieter” ones. This kitten has gotten lots of love. He is so soft and gentle. He is my favorite.

Spring 2021 Pick-up in Memphis only!!!!!!!

“Ricky” torti-point/seal point Himalayan female


Rare female torti-point/seal point himilayan female with GREEN EYES. She looks seal point for the most part, but you see one prominent pink toe and a pink chin. I have never seen a himi with green eyes! Her personality is also rare….very rare….if you have any doubts about wanting a kitten in your life, don’t get Ricky! She is everywhere you are, runs to greet you, follows you everywhere, plays like crazy, loves to be held and cuddled, and is as sweet as they come. She is wildly affectionate. She has very long  hair, and color-wise is quite rare. Personality plus, plus, plus!!!!!! She wants to be your everything, and won’t take anything less.    

“Clementine” Blue point Himalayan female

$1200 (reserved)

She is pale blue point himi female, smaller than the rest with pale blue eyes, and blue points though mostly white. She is calm and loving, loves to be held, but can hold her own against the wild ones like Red and Ricky. This is a very special kitten with the softest white hair, sweetest most tolerant disposition and a little shyer than the others. She is one of our favorites. Very flat faced.

“Scoots” Black and White Male

$1200 (SOLD)

Scoots is the sweetest little boy that ever lived. He knows his name and comes to me any time I call him, even if he is busy playing. I hold him for long periods of time and he doesn’t mind. He has gold eyes, and long black hair with white socks. Considering the color of his parents, we don’t know how we got Scoots, but we are so glad we did. Like all the kittens he is cobby with short legs and a very flat face.

“Red” cameo Male

$850 (SOLD)

Red is a spunky little boy with lots of personality, extremely playful, but affectionate. He is doll- faced with shorter cameo or cream colored hair with bright gold eyes. He will make a wonderful pet. He is full of life and very very playful. $850 because he is doll-faced.

“Opal” chocolate point HIMALAYAN feMale

$1200 (SOLD) torti- point himilayan

Opal is a torti- point Himalayan, a jewel of a show quality kitten and one of the most beautiful kittens we have ever had. She is white with really long, long soft fur that feels like angora rabbit hair and which will need a lot of maintenance. She has  only a few points on her face and legs and beautiful clear blue eyes with a pink mouth that makes her very feminine and gorgeous! She is a pleasure to look at, and she is just as sweet and affectionate as she looks. She does not want to be separated from you. She is calmer than Ricky, and not as wild, though she is very playful and very loving. She likes to be held and stroked, and loved. She has to go to a special home, we are very reluctant to let her go, she is so unusually sweet and pretty. She will be a gorgeous show quality cat. The pictures don’t really do her justice.

If you are interested in one of our kittens, please text we ask you to fill out an application here with your information.

Facebook at www.facebook.com/westsidepersians